About Us

Bello Gardens Assisted Living in San Anselmo is located in a beautiful, quiet, residential neighborhood that shines in the presence of gorgeous Mount Tamalpais and the Ross Theological Seminary. Built in 1947, Bello Gardens Assisted Living has a nostalgic, Mediterranean charm that echoes many of the buildings in the quaint, historic downtown just a few steps away. Our building was originally designed as a convent for the nuns who taught at St. Anselms across the street. Walking the halls you can still feel the quiet grace that one would find in a spiritual place.

Our Mission: To care and enrich the lives of each individual resident

Our Vision: To create a sense of community, safety, vitality and wellbeing.

Our Values: To develop and maintain a caring family atmosphere. Every caregiver and staff member knows the individual needs, likes, wants and wishes of each resident, just like they would a member of their own family. Here you are a real person, not a patient.

Safety and happiness are our top priorities. Our loving community is the direct result of our entire care giving team being absolutely committed to meeting our resident’s needs and treating them with respect and dignity. Most of our caregivers have been with us for over ten years. They are skilled, dedicated, kind people, who are here because they truly care about each and every one of our residents. It has been said that some of world’s most giving and compassionate people are found in care facilities, they spend their lives selflessly caring for others. These are the same special people who work here at Bello Gardens.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust by delivering the best services and care possible. We do look forward to helping you and your loved one!

Private tours available Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment.