A letter from our Activities Director at Bello Gardens Assisted Living

Bello Gardens is a truly special community! I work directly with the residents and it is such a wonderful and nourishing experience. The staff at Bello Gardens truly cares about every person who lives here, and our attention is highly individualized towards each person’s needs.

Every day, I see the smiles on the faces, laughter and friendships that have been formed among the residents. Our programs offer plenty of social activities and outlets, holding dear to the feeling of being part of a family who cares.

Bello Gardens is unique in that we also believe that the natural world is an integral part of elder care. Here you will find a friendly dog, a sweet house cat, two fish (Mel and Charlotte) and a duckling. We maintain beautiful plants, flowers and a vegetable garden for all to enjoy. The residents derive so much stimulation and comfort from these natural elements and furry friends!

Our daily activities include exercise, arts and crafts, storytelling, current events, bingo, musical entertainment, visits from therapy pets and LOTS of caring volunteers from the community. This includes groups like L.I.T.A. (Love Is The Answer), and children from St. Anslems school, located directly across the street from us. During the holidays, our halls are full of caroling teenagers, and at Halloween, costumed kindergarteners arrive to delight our residents! Music is another constant, weekly volunteers visit to play the piano, lead singing groups or other musical ensembles. It is such a wonder it is to see the power of music as it lifts the soul before our very eyes.

Of all the Assisted Living Communities I’ve known, Bello Gardens stands above the rest with an ideal combination of a homelike atmosphere, top rate caregivers, and an incredible administrator, Neysa. Everything is a team effort at Bello Gardens and it really shows. You owe it to yourself and your loved one to come in for a visit and check out our Facebook page for updates on recent activities and events.

We are absolutely dedicated to our personal and professional mission. Bello Gardens is where every life is beautiful!